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Have you heard of the Meeting Guide?

This is a mobile App designed to help you find the closest meeting to your current location and/or to plan ahead if you are going to be somewhere unfamiliar.

Area 84 meetings are listed in the Meeting Guide.

The App is free of charge and you can download from 

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Ontario Area 84 Operating Procedures & Guidelines


71st General Service Conference Final Report (English)

71st General Service Conference Final Report (French) 

ECDO (Eastern Canada Delegate's Orientation) Minutes 2021 

Virtual 7th Tradition

Your Delegate has received correspondence form the General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous and would like to share it with you for consideration . We understand that there has been quite a bit of questioning and pondering about this in AA. View here »





"I am responsible. When anyone, anywhere reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there. And for that, I am responsible."