Service Opportunities in Area 84

                                               Service Opportunities  –  Tradition 12

 i      Corrections Correspondence.  Be the link.  Give HOPE. Make a difference.

We have worked for many years to bring this service to Canada.   Don’t let those efforts  be in vain.

All that is required is your willingness to give your time.

How ?  Be a prison correspondent. Reach out to the alcoholic behind the prison bars

 Excerpt from correspondence from the appointed Committee Member, Robert M 

I’m sending an email to all Area & District Correction Chairs to remind you or inform you of the work being done on behalf of the confined members here in Canada.

I’m not sure who of you are aware that we had a breakthrough with Federal Corrections last August with them allowing our program. There was a letter issued to all Federal Correctional Institutions speaking on this matter by the Ministry of Corrections of their support for this program.

After early success last fall with 7 or 8 requests for correspondence from confined members we have not seen any more requests.  These initial requests came from B.C., Alberta, Manitoba, and Eastern Ontario.  While very disappointed in this fall off, I wonder why? Is it  because the word has not reached all Canadian Areas? Is the word not filtering down to the front line volunteers who take meetings inside?  Is the cost of stamps to GSO too expensive?

 If you are willing to put pen to paper  or fingers to keys and carry the message :

  • Speak to your Sponsor
  • Contact  the Chair of your District Corrections Committee
  • Contact  the Corrections Chairperson :

i    Districts 2 & 8            Volunteer at the Sudbury Intergroup Office

To learn more  – talk with your sponsor.   Come in; check out what we do.  Talk to your sponsor again.  Open Monday – Friday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm or call us at 705-674-6217. We are located at 30, Ste Anne Road, Sudbury.

         ii  Bridging the Gap

Be a temporary contact for people coming out of hospitals and treatment facilities. For more information email: or

        iii  Chairing Treatment Facility Meetings

Attend a Treatment Facilities Meeting. Attend another.   Check the meeting lists in your District to find these meetings. Ask if you aren’t sure.    Come to a meeting and offer your experience, strength and hope to those present.   Then talk to your Sponsor about chairing one.

Reading Material

1   The Twelve What ?   The Twelve Concepts for World Service !

download here               p-8_the-twelve-concepts-for-world-service

2   AA Service Manual : Don’t have one ? You will if you click on the link below . . .




"I am responsible. When anyone, anywhere reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there. And for that: I am responsible."