Area 84 Fall Assembly - Blind River, Ontario
From Saturday 28 September 2019
To Sunday 29 September 2019
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Keep watching for updates and details on the Assembly.

Accommodations which with arrangements have been made for September 2019 Assembly

Auberge Eldo Inn  2 guests OR 1 guest plus free breakfast  $79.50  or 2 guests including free breakfast  $89.50    Contact Sam Athwal (manager) or Taj Athwal (President)  (705) 356-2255

North Shore Wayside Inn 2 Double beds  $85.00 or King bed  $90.00.  Contact: Maulik or Kavita Patel  (705) 356-2240 or (647) 877-4998 

Old Mill Motel  Standard Room  $79.99  call for more detail  Contact: Naresh Mohan or Aruna  (705) 356-2274

Location Blind River - updates coming soon

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